What is a Spray Tan Extractor Fan

December 25, 2012 in category Professional


Nothing comes without it’s risks, and although the risks can be easily avoided it is certainly not to be taken lightly. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is currently approved by the TGA for external use …

The Benefits of Sunless Tanning

December 18, 2012 in category News


Gone are the days when you would have to lay under the sun for hours on end to get that gorgeous bronzed glow, especially with the sunless tanning method and the numerous benefits it provides. In…

Different Ways to Remove Fake Tan

May 29, 2015 in category News


Spray tanning is a great and safe alternative to exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful UV rays, but sometimes a tan doesn’t come how you wanted it to, whether there is uneven application or …

How to Get the Most Natural Spray Tan

December 4, 2012 in category News


If you’re looking forward to getting a gorgeous bronzed look this summer without having to sit for hours under the sun’s harmful UV rays then spray tanning is the way to go! The natural spray…

The Different Types of Spray Tan Guns

November 27, 2012 in category Professional


There are several different types of spray tanning guns available on the market today, these include:

1. Airbrush tanning compressor. This type of spray tan gun is cheaper and makes less noise…

How to Use a Spray Tan Machine

November 20, 2012 in category News


A spray tan machine can make or break your tanning streak. Either for your spray tanning business, or for trying it at home, so it’s important to know how to use a spray tan machine to create t…