Spray Tanning Supplies Every Salon Should Have

September 21, 2012

Sunless tanning is the new way to go when it comes to adding a bronzed glow to your skin. Spray tanning is a harmless way of creating a natural looking tan and its widespread popularity has led to an increase in spray tan salons across the world. But for a salon to be successful in business and maintain a good client base, they need to be fully equipped with the right spray tanning supplies. Here we look at just some of the spray tanning supplies every salon should have.

Spray Tan System

A spray tan system, like Tanning Essentials Classic Glam Spray Machine, enables your spray tan technicians to apply the spray tan evenly, easily and efficiently. They are perfect for both spray tan salons and mobile businesses. These machines have a 3-speed HVLP turbine with a heat function that suits every technician and pleases the client. The machines are portable and durable as well and they do not require an assembly. The adjustable spray pattern applicator allows the technicians to easily and flawlessly spray tan their clients.

Extraction Unit

No matter how cautious you are, spray tanning will lead to over spray which can become a real issue. However, with the help of an extraction unit, the air of the salon will be clean and filtered. Extraction units are must-have for spray tan salons because it protects the health, and therefore the safety of the clients and the staff. The environment of the salon is made comfortable for the staff and clients as the extraction unit sucks in the air and any over spray has accumulated, and then simply filters it into clean air.

Spray Tanning Solutions

To make the salon professional and proficient, a wide range of spray tan solutions in different shades and different formulas are needed. These tones will vary from dark, to medium, and then to light. The tanning solution which will give a dark bronze tan has the highest amount of DHA, like the moroccanBronze (it has 12% DHA). The tanning solution to give a medium tan has a normal amount of DHA, like moroccanOriginal (which has 10% DHA). The tanning solution which will create a light gold skin tone has a low DHA level, like Moroccan Gold (which has 8% DHA). This variety of colours gives the clients a range of choice and also helps the applier in choosing the right colour for the specific skin tone.

Hair Caps

All spray tan salons need disposable hair caps so that the hair of the clients is protected during the spray tan session. In addition, hair caps keep the hair off the face which makes it an ideal accessory for a salon.

Clean Feet

Clean feet are another important accessory for salons. These are designed to protect the soles of the feet of the client during the session, so that their feet do not have unwanted spray tan residue accumulated there. This means that they will stay free from brown soles after their spray tan session.

Disposable G-String

Disposable g-strings maintain the hygiene and protection of the client. These keep the underwear area spray tan-free, and make it an essential accessory for salons to have on hand at all times.

Nose Filters

Nose filters are another important accessory for spray tan salons as over-spraying occurs no matter what precautions may be taken during a spray tanning session. Nose filters are designed to stop the unwanted spray tan solution to be inhaled by the client.

Barrier Cream

A barrier cream helps in protecting the hands, feet and dry areas of the client from over-tanning. The cream blocks unwanted spray tan build up and over-absorbing of the tanning ingredients from the spray tan solution.

Tan Extender

A tan extender, like Moroccan Tan’s Glow 2-in-1 Extender, is a retail product a salon can keep for their clients. Tan extenders are gradual self tanners which prolong the tan the client has already had, and also it produces a gradual colour after each time it is applied. Moreover, by selling spray tanning supplies such as tan extenders on to your clients you are able to create an additional revenue stream for your salon, while also keeping your customers happy as their tan will last them longer.

Airbrush Spray Tan

Another product salons can sell to their clients are airbrush spray tan products, like Moroccan Tan’s Instant Airbrush Spray. This spray tan ‘in a can’ create a natural looking bronzed tan with the help of its combined ingredients. The client can easily use it by pressing over the nozzle and spraying on their body. it can be used for later touch-ups as well. These additional spray tanning supplies also enable salons to create another revenue stream on to their business.

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